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Which Is Better To Be Mistrustful Or Credulous ?

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    Which do you think is better whether to believe every things until proven otherwise and in this case people would take advantage of you and you would lose your part of the deal or do not believe any things until proven otherwise and in this case your relations with other people would be in difficulty especially those close to you ? .
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    I would have different attitudes for different situations and different classes of people. I would trust my near and dear much more than some random spam that shows up in my inbox. I would trust girls about 50% more than guys, on the basis of my life experience of human males and females. There are users of both sexes, but many fewer among the women than the men.
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    Don't I have any more alternatives?
    So, I have the choice to either act like an idiot or a fool.

    Hmm..difficult choice that..
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    Not really, I have a rather different approach to the problem presented and one I have lived by for well over sixty years already with no regrets. When I was three, my father told me that "anyone who believes more than ten percent of what he hears or fifty percent of what he reads or ninety percent of what he sees with his own eyes is gullible". It had a big impact on me; I can still close my eyes as see him saying it. :tongue:

    When I was three, I had no idea of what "percent" was or what the word "gullible" meant, but I certainly knew I didn't want to be one. My father had said it after an argument with my uncle whom he considered to be a complete idiot. I certainly knew my father had no respect for my uncle. As a matter of fact, for a long time, I thought "gullible" was a flaw one was born with. I thought I was and tried to hide it (I had no idea how I was suppose to figure out what to believe). :redface:

    Before I entered the school system, I had already decided I couldn't belive anything so I just left what I did to my gut reaction and I have done so ever since. You don't have to believe anything to let your instincts make your decisions for you. If you've had a decent upbringing, your instincts are probably your best bet anyway and it sure frees up your time to think about more interesting things. :devil: Like physics and philosophy! :biggrin:

    Have fun -- Dick

    Knowledge is Power
    and the most common abuse of that power is to use it to hide stupidity
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    I choose fool, at least I'll have the sympathy of you all. :P
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