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Which math field is growing the fastest now?

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    So my math teacher (who has a honours in math) said that his friend who's doing her phd on math told him (yes that's alot of he says she says) that the field that's going to have the most discoveries is in statistics because of "chaos theory". Is this true? So does this mean that calculus, algebra have stagnated? Is there nothing else to discover?
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    There is research going on in all fields. See Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory, Homotopy Theory, etc. Perhaps Chaos Theory is special, but research is done where the person is interested and has a good background in; there are always things to discover.
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    Actually, there are fields that are stagnant' tapped out, and are now at best
    auxiliary. Point-set topology is one of them. Talk to anyone today about Lindeloff
    spaces, metrizability, etc., and they will look at you as saying: what.?, or , why
    would anyone care.?
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    I think nets & filters could be added to that list, but I think nets should make a comeback. Prob 2H in Kelley's topology text could be part of a course on Riemann-Stieltjes integration. I think they've always been done in topology because nets & filters are equivalent but I don't seen why nets couldn't be done right after the Riemann integral, as if to say "see how much easier it is with nets?"
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    My impression is that point-set topology becomes more of set theory now days
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