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Which numerical procedure to use

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    I have a system of linear differential equations with known boundary conditions. First of all what is the general solution to such a system? I know it is exponentials with the eigenvalues, but I couldn't find any place where the exact full solution was stated.
    Second of all, I want to write a program in matlab that solves this set of linear differential equations. In general how am I better off:
    - Simulate the solutions numerically starting from scratch i.e. dy1 dy2, dt and everything are numerical quantities
    - Find eigenvalues to the coefficient matrix numerically, plug into the analytical solution (which is the one I am not completely sure off, but I think you can write up a general formula) and solve for the unknown constants by applying boundary conditions.
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's because the description is too general for there to be a systematic way of finding the solution.
    i.e. the system may not have a solution.

    ... this sort of thing is the closest you'll get to a general approach to a solution.

    To do this in matlab, you'd construct the matrix A (see link) and then use Matlab's matrix tools to analyse it. i.e. eigs() will find the eigenvalues and vectors.
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    But as far as I can see from the link you provided isn't the most general solution simply:

    x(vector) = c1 * eigenvector_1 * exp(eigenvalue_1 * t) + c2 * eigenvector_2 * exp(eigenvalue_2 * t) + ...

    So it is all about fitting that solution to the boundary conditions? Or am I wrong?
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's right.
    It's a bit like solving systems of linear equations... i.e. there may not be a unique solution, and so on.

    Looks like matlab has a symbolic differential equation solver that also does systems of equations.
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