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Which one has the greater deceleration

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    I'm just wandering. Because I have a debate with my classmate.
    Which one has the greater deceleration a bicycle with an acceleration of 0.5 meters per second or a car with 0.83 meters per second.
    I think the answer is the bicycle. :)
    Please give me your opinion or nearly the real answer. Thank You.
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    Re: Deceleration

    Why do you think it is the bicycle?
    And what are the units of acceleration?
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    Re: Deceleration

    Base on the findings, the bicycle has the smaller acceleration than the car has. And the question is which has the greater deceleration.
    The units are meters per second.

    I already stated this in my post above. :3
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    Re: Deceleration

    Meters per second is the unit of velocity, not acceleration. You'll have to state the problem more precisely before we can answer.
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    Re: Deceleration

    Aw. I'm very sorry. It's meters per second square rather. :D
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    Insufficient information to even make a guess. Do some measurements and figure it out.
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    Sorry for such irrelevant question, it's just my younger bro want to know which is right, he or his classmate. anyways thank you all for your time. (-_-) I just let him use my account here.
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