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Which one to choose?DSP/Commun/control/embed

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    which one to choose???DSP/Commun/control/embed

    hi...i have found this forum very much resource ful.
    i am in a dilemma of chosing my specialization for ms (in US).I am very much interested in mathematics and also very good at especially calculus and algebra.After MS i will be looking for job which is challenging, handsome salary(hate paper work,reporting kind of work).I am also good in MATLAB simulations did 3 projects in UG.I did some research came with following options.
    1.signal processing------very much interested
    2.communications--------partially work experience in this field
    3.control systems-----------very much interested
    4.embedded systems--------no idea what is this?
    5.comp architecture and comp hardware--------kinda hate it in my UG courses
    6.VLSI and analog systems----------slightle interested
    7.Micro electronics---------again no idea what is this word means.if its advanced form of microprocessors then interested

    out of these i am much interested in siganal processing and contral systems.Embed systems i have no idea what it is?the thing i want to know is what kind of jobs these fields offering.which one to chose keeping job prospects in priority.
    thanks in advance.
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    Re: which one to choose???DSP/Commun/control/embed

    If signal processing and communication is your thing, you should try those things only. I would advice going against VLSI/analog/microelectronics, which will bore you.
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