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24VDC 0,570 Amp pump controller

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    So let's start with this, I don't have a lot of electronics circuits background and not really an idea on how to build an electronic circuit.
    Ok, now the problem, at my job I am in need of controlling a 24VDC 0,570 Amp pump with a pot, preferably one with a "preset" in it so that the values can easily be recreated. But given my very limited electronics background, I have no idea how to start with this, not even a clue on how to start searching for the needed items. I know by some research that I will be in need of a PWM controller, but again, no clue on how I would have to choose one.
    Any help is welcome and extra information can be provided if it is needed.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help!

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks Dave,

    This is indeed something in the lines that I need, thanks for the help, now I'm gonna try to figure out how it works:p


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    jim hardy

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