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Which pages are Cal 1 only in the Humongous book of Calculus

  1. Oct 8, 2015 #1
    Would you please tell me which pages or sections in the Humongous Book are Cal 1 ( which I need for my online pre-req course in Cal 1) and/or which pages or sections Relate to Cal 2 (which I can skip)?
    Thank you :)

    Not important:
    I am taking an online course in Cal 1 but have to write for credit exam before Nov in order to apply to University for winter semester. The book is much easier to understand than the online course, but since it is not under the same headings as the course I don't know which problems in th HB of Cal are Cal 1 vs which are Cal 2 and I want to study Cal 1 only as I have only 3 weeks to learn it all!!!
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    Not having the book, but browsing the table of contents, it really seems like most of the book is focused on Calc 1 problems.
    I would say Chapters 23-28 are more Calc 2 concepts.
    If you need to pare it down more, I would say skip Ch. 16, 20, 21, and 22.
    If your algebra and trig skills are solid, you can probably cut out most of the first few chapters too, but they will likely be a good review.
    Chapters 5, 9 -15, and 17-18 look like what I would expect to see on an exam.
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    Thank you RUber! I feel incredibly relieved to be able to narrow it down as I begin. I've always loved Math but it has been a long time and the time seems so short before I have to write the exam. Have a super day, I will be working through your suggested chapters !
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