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Which type of class really is harder?

  1. Apr 22, 2014 #1
    My college offers both online and offline math classes. I'm to the point now, where the math classes offered online are fewer, I need I believe up to calculus. I like the setup of online because I work like most people, and it gives me a week to complete homework and tests, rather than 2 days to do a homework assignment. I spend the vast majority of my time working on either the homework or studying, when I am not at work. I've gotten 2 A's and 1 undecided (high B is possible, low A is as well) The teachers have often said that the online classes are harder than offline. Is that true? I've found the online courses if not easy, well within my workaholic nature.
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    The difficulty of a course and the modality through which it is presented is highly subjective.

    Your instructors may have noted that on average students tend to do worse with online courses, where it is quite possible that individual work ethic and self-discipline plays a stronger role in the outcome. Or they may be referring to the fact that in the online courses you can't ask questions as readily.

    If you're personally finding you prefer the online courses and they're working for you then go with that. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages but don't let someone else force a subjective opinion on you.
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