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Which undergrad major provides more job opportunities?

  1. Feb 19, 2013 #1
    Applied math or Engineering (including various disciplines...).

    what job options cross over between the 2 and which don't.

    Thank you!
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    Engineering provides more job opportunities.

    The "better" engineering jobs do have a lot of crossover with math. But they are also the harder ones to get. Other engineering jobs often use very little to no math on a day to day basis. Its hard to find a job that you can use real, thoughtful math in.
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    Pretty much any engineering will give you more than your fair share of math courses. My major required so much math that I automatically got a minor in mathematics. Engineering also has more job opportunities, I went with nuclear but mechanical is the broadest (I had to take all of the core mechanical classes in nuclear as well). So I'd say engineering degrees would probably net you a decent salary and career a lot faster than mathematics.
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