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B Who really understands time dilation and relativity?

  1. Feb 20, 2016 #1
    hi,so i posted a thought experiment on other fourms and it seems everyone is misunderstanding the big picture of the experiment.i would like to verify that i really understand relativity and time dilation.i will explain a thought experiment in order to exsplain my understanding of relativity in a simple way.

    now, imagine there two people floating in space,one person is next to the sun and he is so huge that the sun and earth are the size of marbles compared to him,the second person is floating above earth, and he is the size of a normal human.now imagine that the huge person put his hand above the sun and swung it towards the earth, now, from the large persons perspective, how long would his hand seem to take to reach earth?about the same amount of time it takes to slap someone in the face right?
    now imagine this happening from the normal sized humans perspective, how long would it seem for the huge hand to reach the earth?

    i belive that, from the normal sized human perspective, the large hand would be moving slowly and take hours to reach earth since nothing can travel faster then light (the light from the sun takes about 8 mins to reach the earth)

    and i belive, (from the large persons perspective) that his hand only took a split second to reach earth,

    so this means that the normal sized human experinced hours of time passing before the hand reached earth,
    and that the large person only experinced a single second or less before his hand reached earth.

    its as if time and space litterally changes itself based on ones perspective in order to keep the speed of light a constant speed.
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  3. Feb 20, 2016 #2

    Vanadium 50

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    This seems not to be about relativity, but rather the physiology of imaginary giants.

    If this is actually about relativity, perhaps you can recast your question in a way that makes this apparent.
  4. Feb 20, 2016 #3
    lmao,are you joking?

    when eistein said he imagined himself riding on light did scientist say "hey wait, you cant ride on light, thats impossibble!!)
    no they did not.but that is what your doing.

    and this exsperiment has everything to do with relativity.
    it does not matter if being a giant is possble, it does not matter if you cant just float in space and survive, none of that matters at all and yet thats the only thing you can pick out,you missing the big picture man,here is the definition of time dilation

    In the theory of relativity, time dilation is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from a gravitational mass or masses.

    now if you read everything i said and acually imagine this in your head,you would see,

    i am basicly saying that time and space is relative to ones perspective,how does that not relate to relativity?are you saying that eistein is wrong when he said time and space are relative?do you know what being relative means?
  5. Feb 20, 2016 #4


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    Einstein himself concluded that it's impossible.
  6. Feb 20, 2016 #5
    yes,anyone with a brain will know its impossible to ride on light, that does not mean what he was saying about relativity is false, i dont see how you dont under stand what im saying.how old are you?
    are these forums just filled with kids?thats the only reason i can think of.
  7. Feb 20, 2016 #6


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    Sorry dutchiexx, I don't think that you do. Your example has nothing to do with relativity. Relativity is not about observers of different sizes, it is about observers in different states of motion.

    One reason that is important is because two inertial observers are symmetrical, either is entitled to say that they are at rest. A big and a small observer are not symmetrical, both will agree who is bigger and who is smaller.

    Your example completely misses the point of relativity.
  8. Feb 20, 2016 #7


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    Please do not solicit personal information here. Your question has been answered.

    Thread closed
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