Why A Silica Powder Is Melting But Not Burnt When Heated?

  1. Why a silica powder is melting but not burnt when heated?

    Thank you
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  3. mfb

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    Silica (silicon dioxide) is "burnt" silicon. You cannot burn it for the same reason you cannot burn carbon dioxide.
  4. What I meant as a burnt is such as the below image:

    burnt bread
  5. mfb

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    That is probably the result of a reaction between bread and oxygen.
    Silica is the result of a reaction between silicon and oxygen. It does not look black, but it is similar to a burnt bread.
  6. Borek

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    Actually burnt bread is more like effect of the carbohydrates decomposition - water leaves molecules, leaving mostly pure carbon. Silica is not similar to carbohydrates.
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