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Why Bluer sky with orange sunglasses

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    If I rember correctly, the sky seems more blue, when you look through a pair of sunglasses with orange glass.
    Why is that ?
    can anyone help out here.

    Orange glass is orange because it absorbs some of the blue light - but then the sky should be less blue - right ?

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    orange sunglasses make everything orange as they mostly transmit light of orange wavelength more than most other visible wavelengths. If what you say is true then it would appear that wavelength of blue light from the sky is also transmitted significantly more than other light although obviously not as much as orange. So while everything is more orange, it's also a bit more blue.

    Just a guess though, mind.
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    According to me, there's something connecting the illusion of the eyes.
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    The orange glass preferentially absorbs the blue light. Thus, the sky is seen as darker than you would expect, particularly when compared to everythnig else in your environment. This darker sky looks bluer, but I do think, as you surmise, that this is an interpretation of the brain. The brain sees in contrast. A blue ball next to a red ball will appear bluer than a blue ball next to a cyan ball.

    A careful analysis of the absolute colour in the scene will reveal light from the ground to be slightly darker and more orange, whereas light from the sky will be much darker and more orange (not more blue).
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    Thanks DaveC
    I will have to buy a pair and maybe try to meassure it.

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