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Why does NCl3 has dipole-dipole intermolecular force?

  1. Apr 10, 2016 #1

    I will be grateful for the explanation on why NCl3 has a dipole-dipole intermolecular force, if, based on electronegativity difference, or rather the absence of such, (both N and Cl have 3.0 electronegativity) this is a non-polar bond?

    Thank you!
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    What makes you think the molecule is planar?
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    I am not sure I understand what you are asking, but if you refer to geometric structure, then
    I think that N, having 5 valence electrons at its outer shell, is in the middle with valence electrons above it (not connected), and three
    connections (sharing one electron with each Cl atom) with three Cl atoms.
    Based on the electronegativity difference (its absence in fact), NCl3 should be pure covalent bond, but it is said to have
    dipole-dipole moment, which only polar molecules can have.
    Please, help me to understand why it is polar.
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    I have no idea why you act in such in impolite way.
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    Folks, please, help me with this NCl3 matter. Thanks a lot!
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    Do you know the difference between intermolecular force and intramolecular force ?
    NCl3 is not planar though, I think it's trigonal pyramidal ( 4 steric number and one lone pair), and it's polar of course ( due to the one pair of free electrons)
    So, what makes it have dipole-dipole moment is the pair of lone electrons
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