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Why eletric charge in Dimensional Analysis and not eletric current?

  1. Sep 14, 2011 #1
    2 questions,actually:

    1-Why in Dymensional Analysis is eletric charge a basic physical dimension instead of eletric current(as Ampere is a SI base unit and Coulomb isn't)?

    2-I've read CIPM(or International Committee for Weights and Measures in English) is proposing new definitions for some of the current 7 base units,in which the supporters want to set some of the current definitons based on fundamental constants such as Avogadro or Planck constants.For further information:


    What's your opinion?Do you consider that the current SI definitions need revisions?
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    As you know, current is the rate of flow of charge and therefore the unit of charge is simpler than the unit of current. Relativity has a lot to do with charge being a more convenient unit than current as charge is not affected by time dilation so the Coulomb remains the Coulomb whereas the Ampere depends on your frame of reference.
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