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Why have I found this Forum AFTER doing my BSc.?!

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    Hello there!

    I am doing my Masters degree in physics, working on lattice-quantumchromodynamics at the institute of technologie in vienna. (trying to locate and pursue vortices in a gluonic simulation, if anyone dares to ask...:-p) My bachelor was done within nuclear physics and I have already "played" a bit with neutrons at the ILL in france :radioactive:

    As science isn't seen that often in public I am administering two Facebook-groups about scientific topics in german language area and have founded a physics-specific group to bring some "real" physics into social networks. Let me put a Link here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FachgruppePhysik/) as I am also linking to this Forum in my group-description. (First and only advertisement for my group, so, no fear, I won't start spamming around :wink: )

    Besides Physics I am into Kite-Surfing and Hang-Gliding, but also spend a lot of time with programming.

    Nice to be here, let's see what you all have already built up at this place :smile:
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    Welcome to PF Rudi! Great you finally made it here :)
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