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Why I'm fired from a Pharmaceutical Company and what can I do ?

  1. Oct 11, 2014 #1
    I was working on a pharmaceutical company as a quality control analyst. I have 4 year bachelor chemistry degree from a low reputed university in Turkey . They hired me with mentioned that 1 month trial period firstly.After that, they fired me almost 1 month time...

    They've started teaching me some bulk density and sieve analysis in 3rd week. Because they told me first 1 and 2nd weeks are audit weeks which maintained by external inspection personnels. While, they are teaching me in 3rd week , they just showed me in 2 days for all of the analysis. So, they told me "you are not learning quickly. It takes much time to learn." They also said "you are not concentrated on this job and careless."
    After that I've learned and memorized some of the analysis. Our lab. chief let me to stay alone in the lab at evening time and let me do all of the analysis just myself.
    I did much more of analysis with some mesh's, bulk density, IR water and some weighings etc..
    After that someone from a quality control lab. told me that you did something wrong when you stay alone in the lab. and lab. chief speaking about your mistakes ...
    After that at the end of 4th week , human resources personnel told me you are fired. I am shocked. I couldnt believe it at that time. So I realized that they didnt want me in the lab.
    Meanwhile I turned back to my hometown again. I dont believe that I find again like that pharma job again because of 1 month fired stain.
    (I believe , I had some mistakes but I also believe that main guilty came from our lab. chief. Because they didn't teach me until 3rd week for most important analysis (dc and paracetamol) . I just did helping to raw material analysis analyst in 3 weeks. When much more of pharmaceutical production (paracetamol) comes out , they've started to teach me for it. I must be stay in the night shift analysis to maintain production and quality control department at the same time as alone. Two of them (analyst) of teaching personnel reported me as very bad to our lab. chief. After that the lab. chief let me to stay in evening shift to maintain some analysis. Some of the sieve mesh's are not found in our lab. So we look it with so close mesh's instead of what it should be. Ive done a mistake when looking one mesh , they said. They just showed me and wrote that analyse (fine powder dc) firstly on that time.)

    Now Im doing porter (carrier) job in my friends glassware storage with very low wage and zero assurance.

    - My past jobs were"storage works in power plant building site, paid biology teaching, car park attendant, waiter, carpenter apprentice, furniture and glassware porter, tea seller, casier in ironmonger etc..-

    Could you suggest me please, what can I do after all those things?
    Which job would be suits me best?
    I dont believe that gaining a master degree would be help me.
    I dont like chemistry laboratory things.
    I just like computer , internet and some mechanical things, also english language and some kind of philosophic science things...

    So, what can I do?
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    One thing that's important to remember is that a trial period is exactly that - a trail period. Companies will hire people for a short period of time after which they will assess your performance to see if you're good fit with their organization and then they make a decision as to whether they want you to stay on permanently. I wouldn't consider not making it through the trial period being fired, necessarily. You simply weren't asked to stay on permanently.

    Based on the information in your post, it sounds like maybe you just weren't a good fit for the position. Generally speaking, in a slow economic environment companies will offer training in various procedures, but usually they want the people coming in to already be familiar with basic concepts and have basic skills. The training then is more of a familiarization with local procedures - a "this is how we do it here" kind of orientation.

    While on the surface, staying late in the lab to learn procedures sounds like the quality of an ambitious employee, it's important to remember that doing something like that can also constitute a safety risk. Not that I have a lot of experience in pharmaceutical chemistry labs, but as a general rule, people shouldn't be working in labs alone. And the fact that you needed to do this perhaps suggests that you just didn't have the level or training they had expected.

    In the long run maybe this was a good thing. You learned that lab work really isn't your thing.

    I don't have a whole lot as far as suggestions for other options, unfortunately. One idea is to follow up with other graduates from your program. Where are they working? Consider contacting even people who graduated a few years ahead of you.
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