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How can I accelerate my laboratory practise?

  1. Sep 9, 2014 #1
    Im actually working on a pharmaceutical industry as a quality control analyst. Well, our lab. chief told me that "you should accelerate your lab. works."they said it Because Im not accustomed to this kind of work for more than 2 years. My chemistry 4 year background was at 2 years back.

    I need your suggestions to improve my lab. practise in pharmaceutical quality control lab.

    I have psychological focussing problem, also my hands accustomed to hard works (like carpenter, carrier) before.
    Also Im not heedful, i always forget much more things when i do my work tasks..
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    This sounds normal for some people as they learn their job. Opinion here is that the problem is more leadership and effort to give training than anything wrong with you.
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