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Why is peat classified as a fossil fuel?

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    Why is it classified as a fossil fuel?
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    Re: Peat

    Because it is dug up from the ground.

    Fossils (from Latin fossus, literally "having been dug up")
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    Re: Peat

    So uranium is a fossil fuel?
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    Re: Peat

    Fossil fuel usually means the buried remains of living stuff - peat is 10,000 old trees.
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    Re: Peat

    So how old does ex-living stuff have to be to become a fossil?
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    Re: Peat

    Peat is not a fossil fuel, not by definition, although some people are now trying to call it an "un-renewable" fuel source, although it does renew. Political agencies are now classifying peat as a fossil fuel because in some areas it is possible to use up a local supply faster than it can renew. It is a classification for economic purpopses. That doesn't change the fact that it is not the same.

    Peat is what you had millions of years *before* it became a fossil fuel, such as coal.


    What is peat?
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    Re: Peat

    That's actually a good answer.
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