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  1. C

    Psychedelic Music

    Is anyone into psy? Some Led Zep tracks head in that direction (No Quarter), a lot of Pink Floyd, and Hendrex's Voodoo Child. Tibetan chants too are very very trippy at times. Some of the members of the forum must have lived through the whole psychedelia period, what stuff did you all listen to?
  2. Tsubaki

    SpaceX Is SpaceX A Viable Option in Space Exploration?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this would really fit into any specific area of the site. But I guess I was just wondering your opinions on SpaceX, and private spacefaring corporations in general. I'm not even going to get into Virgin Galactic or Mars One. :P In terms of technological advancements and...
  3. ZapperZ

    Your Local Cuisine

    I considered posting this in the Food thread, but I think it might be better for it to be in its own separate thread. First of all, let me clarify that I love, LOVE ethnic cuisine and foods that are local to a particular region. I find that I learn a lot about groups of people or the local...
  4. Evo

    General discussion classics

    A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the better threads deserve another look. I will be posting some of my favorites here. Anyone that remembers a great thread, let me know. Here's the first. Patent #...
  5. Evo

    Federal background checks

    When I got home from work today, there was an official US Government notice pasted to my door. :frown: US Office of Federal Investigative Services. :bugeye: My first thought was "OMG, what has Foofer done now?" It said "It is necessary that I speak with you regarding an individual's...
  6. Y

    Random thought, Organic food?

    I've been eating organic food for the past year, and just recently I heard it's not any healthier for you. Is that true? I spend about 1/3 of my paycheck buying organic, it is really expensive and now I find out, that it's not any better for you. I just want to know if that's true?
  7. C

    The frequency of the human body is?

    I don't want to ask this question in a New Age metaphysical type of way so please don't interpret it as such. What frequency does the human body run at? Does this question make sense or is it too broad? I will try to fire off a frew seperate examples of what I mean so that the question...
  8. M

    Why is peat classified as a fossil fuel?

    Why is it classified as a fossil fuel?
  9. Evo

    For kitten lovers

    This was just so damned cute, it deserved it's own thread. Whenever I see cute kittens I can't help thinking of MIH, Tsu, Ivan, and Integral, and now Moonbear. Moonbear, how's the kitty doing? We need an update!! This is quite the socially adept kitten, covering a yawn.
  10. Astronuc

    How does your Garden grow?

    I don't know how many PFer's garden, but I have done gardening ever since I could walk. My father and my maternal grandfather both gardened. I helped my dad in the garden, mostly planting, watering and weeding (and harvesting) at first. When I was old enough to handle a shovel, I would help...
  11. A

    The Food Thread

    Calling all food lovers and connoisseurs of PF . A thread to post anything and everything about food. Share your favourite recipes, your kind of cuisine and favourite dishes, dining experiences, or even your kitchen antics and fiascos. Let the food fest begin and remember, gluttony is not a...
  12. Evo

    Medical Spinal cortisone and painkiller injections

    Wish me luck, tomorrow I am going in for multiple spinal injections. I will be sedated YAY, and will have mulitple facet spinal injections, sacroilliac injections, and an epidural, all of pain killers and cortisone. The injections have to be guided through a fluoroscope ( a type of real time...
  13. H

    How can I change my username?

    I would change my username, how can I do it? Thanks!