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Why it is common to read people complaining about IE

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    Can someone please tell me why it is common to read people complaining about IE?

    I have never used another browser but my IE sometimes takes ages changing pages and sometimes freezes (at least once every other day) but I don't know if this is the browser or the website or something else in the chain.

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    It has a very poor history in usability, security and support of standards. IE9 is quite good, but IE tends to always be playing catch up. Chrome is at the forefront for development with Firefox and Opera being a close second.
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    I am using Avant. It is a browser with IE, Firefox, and Chrome renderings. It serves as a front end for IE, but more user friendly. Firefox and Chrome are built in directly.
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    The long page loads and freezes are typical of the problems with IE. As a developer, I have had my share of frustration coding around IE misbehaviors. There are W3C standards that browsers are supposed to follow. IE violates a number of basic ones just enough to trip up developers if they aren't paying enough attention. I equate fixing IE bugs on our website with cleaning an overturned trash can. :yuck:
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    Thanks all!
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