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Why there's no Pentium II and III MCUs being made?

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    They would make really great MCUs, the speed would be more than sufficient, other than the fact that some major modification might have to be made.

    And they got tons of fans!
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    Tons of fans points to power inefficiency. That possibly was their greatest drawback, excessive waste heat for a chip of their level of sophistication. Today's designers want efficiency, and a replacement for those old CPUs would probably not require even one fan. http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/3195/roflm.gif [Broken]
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    I think Intel had a project for a new generation of "software based" graphics processor that basically used many Pentium cores in parallel that ran software that made the calcualtions that hardware GPUs make. I remember they hyped it up a lot.

    This has since been scrapped I think.

    Also, why make pentiums when you can make an ARM core processor that is faster and much more power efficient? That's what most high-end MCUs are.
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    Here is the intel GPU that used pentium cores that I was referring to:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larrabee_(microarchitecture [Broken])

    And from the article, here is the latest development, no longer being used as a GPU:
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