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Why will my NFS server not allwo connections

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    Why will my NFS server not allwo connections!!!!

    Grrr.... NFS is really driving me nuts.

    On my Mac, I have exported my home directory so that I can use the files on my Linux box. The problem is that when I try to connect to the Mac I get a permission denied error.

    I have exported my home directory seemingly correctly.

    I did come across some FBSD NG posts about how FBSD will only allow filesystems exported under /usr. could OS X have inherited this when they moved to tiger?
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    There's a number of things that could be at fault here:

    (1) Like most features of UNIX origins, Linux has them implemented poorly. This is definitely the case, especially when you're working with non-Linux implementations. Even worse is when you're working with different NFS versions from different NFS implementations.

    (2) DNS/NIS are generally good things to have on your network when working with NFS. Most NFS implementations try to reverse the IP to match it with the value in the configuration file. If you specify a hostname or network in your exports file, double check to make sure the system you're trying to mount the exported volume on has a correct reverse. I suggest you either (a) always use hostnames or networks or (b) IPs when working with NFS -- don't mix and match.

    (3) Finally, you may be using "secure" exported NFS volumes, which means a client cannot send a request from a port > 1024 (this would imply the request was being sent by a non-root user -- hence, the "secure"). IIRC, since the user you normally are in working with an OS X -- a non-root user, 'Finder' or whatever will send the request via a non-privileged port. I haven't worked with the Linux NFS implementation in awhile, but it may export 'secure' volumes by default, so consult your documentation ('man exports' should provide you with the relevant information) to figure out how to explicitly specify that you wish you to export the volume in an insecure manner.

    Edit: The "FBSD NG post" that you consulted was blantantly wrong. Depending on the NFS implementation and version, you may only be able to export the filesystems as a whole. By default, FreeBSD creates a /, /usr, and /var filesystems, so you may only be able to export /, /usr, /var, but not any specific subdirectories of any of those filesystems -- other implementations and versions of NFS allow you to do this. This has nothing to do with a client mounting a filesystem, though.
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    Did you setup your /etc/hosts.allow properly?
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    I thought that if you do not specify any allow or deny that it defaulted to allow.

    how should I set it up?
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