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Aerospace Will my research help me to get into grad school

  1. Aug 29, 2012 #1
    Hi Guys,

    I have a BSc in physical sciences and an equivalent in mechanical engineering and I am going to apply to grad school for a masters in aerospace engineering.

    Problem is, where I am from, aerospace engineering is like way off the map, Both the institutions I study do not offer it as a course. So no research at all.

    But it is my idea to do a research on my own, I have a couple of my own ideas (basically to design ):D

    There are some problems running through my mind whenever i think about this.Hope some of you guys can help me.

    1) In a grad school application will it(my research) be accepted ?
    I will have no adviser nor supervisor. Nevertheless I am gonna do it as good as i can.

    2)I would like to get the feel of the standard of undergrad research in US colleges. was looking everywhere even AIAA people cant help me on that one. :D

    3) What is the opinion on AIAA DBF in grad schools ? I see a whole load of top universities competing, but will grad school selection consider it as something worth to consider? When i asked one AIAA fellow his answer was not that convincing, thats why.

    4) I am a not a US citizen, will it be possible to get an internship in a commercial aircraft manufacturer ? To get that what do you suggest that I shall do?

    Thanks in advance to everyone

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    To put it bluntly, forget it. Not being a US citizen will give you practically zero chance. I've been trying to get into that field for years with no luck. It's so damm competitive. I have a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering and a Masters in Mechanical for which my thesis was aerospace related.

    In Australia, Aerospace is considered a subgroup of mechanical. So there are no Aerospace Masters. So I can't help you with that, but your research topic has to be relevant and with a clear goal. Grad schools won't give a flying hoot about AIAA membership.
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