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Is there any program I could download to display my CPU temperature?

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    Right now, I can only view my CPU temperature in the BIOS menu. I can view my GPU temps in the ATI catalyst control center. I cannot view my CPU temperatures in windows vista home premium 64-bit.

    Is there any program I could download which would allow me to view my CPU temperatures in desktop? I have a Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz @2.66GHz, 6GB of DDR2 800MHz RAM, an Intel G33 motherboard, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 GPU.

    What are the ideal idle and load temperatures for my C2Q CPU?
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    depending on your heatsink, the idle and load temps are gonna vary.

    I have a Q9550 and it idles around 30deg, with max load around 40-50

    I'd also recommend HWMonitor, but you'll probably notice a difference in the stated temperatures from your individual cores and from the system CPU temp. This is because the core temperatures are from onboard the chip (and to be honest, arent the most accurate thermistors; they tend to get stuck), and the system cpu temperature is actually from the motherboard (this is the temperature you'll see in the BIOS)
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