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Wind force, drag, something :v

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    Heyy uh I have this problem I'm confused about; there is a body at rest (a sheet of cardboard set at an angle to electronic scales) and a fan blowing at the surface area. There is noticeable difference when I adjust the speed of the fan, the angle it sits at and the distance to the fan. Anyway I need help with the wind force equations, if I have the right equations.

    These are the ones I have:
    (Wind force) F= A* P* Cd [A: area of item, P: wind pressure, Cd: drag coefficient <- Huh??]
    (Wind pressure) (1/2)*(density of air)*(wind speed)^2*(Shape factor)

    Can somebody explain what the constants are and how to work them out, I would prefer if the responses are explanations not just links that are going to confuse me further

    Any help will do :)
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