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Windows bottom toolbar

  1. Apr 8, 2004 #1
    Hello guys :)

    I have Windows XP Pro. When I open my Internet Explorer, I don't have my bottom toolbar, the one that shows where a website is leading when you MouseOver.

    I feel like a fool for asking, but how can I enable that toolbar? I can't for my life find where to enable it!
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    view->status bar
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    Sigh... Thank you:)
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    Hey man ;)

    Sometimes it will stay, and sometimes it doesn't. If I close Explorer with my last window that was open having the status bar, it will stay. But it still goes away. Is there a way to make it more default or something?
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    Yes, double-click on "My Computer" so, explorer.exe so it utilises some portion of Windows' Explorer. Now follow:
    Code (Text):
    View -> Status Bar (make sure it is checked)
    Tools -> Folder Options...
    Goto: View (tab)
    Click on "Apply to All Folders"
    OK, then close all windows.

    Open IE, make sure Status bar is on.
    Press: Ctrl + N (opens a new IE Windows)
    Close all windows.
    There are many other ways, but I find it useful when Windows registers registry entries by itself. If you dont want to go thru all of the above steps, you could try finding a registry tweak from: http://tweakxp.com

    Cheers :)
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    Hey I did the IE thing, Apply to All Folders. That did the trick! Thank you very much Kioria!
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