Wireless is slow and intermittent

  1. Drakkith

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    I've noticed that lately my wireless internet on my laptop is slow and goes out intermittently. Everything else using my wireless network seems to work just fine though. (Phone and tablet) When I plug a network cable in and use a wired connection I don't seem to have any problems. Signal strength and quality are max as far as I can tell.

    Just wondering what may be causing this. Hardware fault? Interference?

    Does anyone have any recommendations to narrow this problem down?

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  3. Evo

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    It's the spy software we had to add when we considered you for mentor, sorry.

    You'll get used to it.
  4. Drakkith

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    Gah! Foiled once more by the almighty Evo!
  5. Chronos

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    You may need to check out the wireless receiver on your laptop. That is the likely culprit.
  6. check for an update to your laptops wireless network adapters driver. Mine was doing same thing, once updated the problem was fixed.
  7. davenn

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    hahaha !!

    definitely worth a look

  8. Drakkith

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    Just updated. Hopefully that works. Thanks!
  9. If your neighbour is broadcasting on the same frequency it can interrupt your WiFi.
    You can change the WiFi channel your router is using , even select "automatic" so it will use the quietest WiFi channel.

    BTW a kitchen-foil reflector , (or half a Pringles-can bent into a parabolic-reflector), placed behind the router's antenna, can boost your wifi signal and block the interference from neighbours.
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  10. Drakkith

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    Thanks, Bob!
  11. So hows the wireless going ?
  12. Drakkith

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    I think it's fixed, but only time will tell. Thanks all!
  13. If you're still experiencing issues, check out inSSIDer. It's one of the better typical-user wifi analyzers. It's good help when trying to discover overlapping networks or general connectivity quality issues. Completely free.

  14. Drakkith

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    I updated my wireless card drivers and that seems to have stopped the issue. I feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner. It's usually the first thing I recommend any time someone is having problems with their computer.
  15. Don't feel stupid. I do quite a bit of automotive diagnostics and it happens to me on a daily basis! :redface:
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