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Wondering if diffraction could be observed even in humans

  1. Apr 7, 2006 #1
    I was wondering if diffraction could be observed even in humans, but I can't prove it. Which is the De Broglie wavelength of a human? Is it possible to observe diffraction when a human passes through a door?:rolleyes:
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    Do you observe any diffraction when you pass through a door?!

    From de Broglie's relation \lambda=h/p,you know that your \lambda is close to zero---so you are in the ray optics limit(you may like to see the accompanying thread 'Path integral formulation of wave-optics') and you behave quite decently--no interference effects.

    P.S. Let me add that if you were fired from a cannon towards the door(rather than walking through the door)your question would be more appropriate,but the answer is the same--no diffraction!
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