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Work needed to rotate armature of a generator

  1. Sep 16, 2015 #1
    Pls give me an eq relating work needed to rotate armature of generated
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    Hi athul. Welcome to the forum.

    Going to need a little more context. Work needed to rotate an armature under what conditions?

    Generically, the work needed to turn the generator will be equal to the electrical power you get out, plus losses. That is, you have to work at least as hard as the energy you get out, plus a little more to account for the friction in the bearings, the losses in the magnets, etc.

    You might benefit from some more background reading.
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    Thanks for the reply ......... I would like to know what will be the strength of permanent magnet used in a household generator
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    Is there any eq to calculate that
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    what household generator ? not too many houses have their own generator, mine doesn't
    give a link to an example

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