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Work relationship with energies

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    In which situation is Work done (F.d) equal to Kinetic energy, Potential energy and both kinetic & potential energy at the same time?
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    If U=0 & T#0 then W=T
    If U#0 & T=0 then W=U
    If U=0 & T=0 then W=0
    If U#0 & T#0 then W= U+T
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    If you raise a ball of 1Kg to a distance 1m,from 0 height(assume g as 10m/s and constant velocity)
    then work done or potential energy gained is 10J.
    If you then drop it form that height,(Air resistance and all other forces except gravity is negligible)
    The kinetic energy it has,just before it hits the ground is equal to potential energy it had before(or work done on it before)

    If we throw the ball up,at it's height peak,potential energy is maximum.At its lowes height,Kinetic energy is maximum.In the middle,kinetic energy is equal to potential energy
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