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Working Principle of Sewing Machine ( Paddle Part )

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    Hi guys,
    I wanted to ask something that im interested on
    Which is on the traditional sewing machine mechanical mechanism (On the foot paddle part)
    Image taken from Google.

    From the image above, a typical sewing machine
    For such application, what is the "Name" for it?
    Im more likely wanted to know more about how do i calculate the force from paddle to the sheave

    P.S: I've been searching around the internet, all i got on the principle of the sewing machine is on its lock stitch
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    The mechanism is called a "treadle":


    In the days before electric motors became common, the sewing machine operator would use a foot pressing on the treadle to turn a crank, located up above. Turning the crank converted the reciprocating motion of the treadle into a rotary motion used by the sewing machine on top.
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    Thanks mate!
    I'll look into it
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