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Working principle of the photodiode and photoresistor

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    Hello everyone. I feel myself a little bit confused because I can't understand the difference between the working principle of the photodiode and the photoresistor. The photoresistor changes its resistance under the influence of light while photodiode changes the current across iself. Is this right? I also know that photoresistor use the principle called photoconductivity, but what principle is used by photodiode then? I guess there should be some difference, because why we are talking about resistance in one case and about current in another?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi akzo! Does a google search lead you to finding out the basics of a photodiode?
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    Yes It did but I am still confused. I need to find the name of the working principle that lays in the basis of the photodiode, and I guess if I found the answer in google I wouldn't ask the question here.
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    how about typing in... How does a photodiode work ? into google
    I got 100's of hits with various descriptions
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