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World Cup - "soccer is boring and stupid" thread

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    I don't want to derail the discussion in the WC threads, but after reading these two pages:


    I think it deserves its own thread.

    Bunch of thoughts:

    While I agree soccer can be boring (and sadly often is), after watching a baseball game (or two) on TV I think it is much more boring.

    I can understand those preferring fast games, with high scores - basketball, handball. I do. Doesn't make me ridicule soccer (unless it is a Polish team playing, but that's another thing).

    If Ann Coulter were to post her text at PF she would get banned for intended misinformation :devil: (which is our politically correct name for an utter lie).
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    If I could I would ban you for this:

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    I would hope that if Ann Coulter posts *anything* (that's typical of her output) on PF, she'd be immediately banned as a flamebaiting troll.
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    Ann Coulter has achieved troll level: Ann Coulter.

    And yes, baseball is extremely boring to watch.
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    I sentence Coulter to a year of physics in US Customary units.
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    Sports in general are boring to watch....
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    I'd agree, but I wouldn't be doing the engineering stereotype any favors. So, no official comment.
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    :rofl: I get the feeling PFers don't spend much time zoning out in front of the TV watching sports!
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    Who cares, lol. We are all nerds here :tongue:
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    After thinking about this for a while, I've decided to start describing electric power in horsepower. My lights are 0.08 horsepower.
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    I prefer playing to spectating.

    On Saturday, I rode my bicycle about 25 miles (~40 km) on mostly hilly terrain except for the road along a canyon facing a headwind.

    My goal is to achieve the speed limit on most streets/roads in town, even with a moderate grade.
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    Why? It's a perfectly legitimate name for the sport, and less ambiguous than "football".
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    The name football is not ambiguous for about 7 billion people. It only is for americans.
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    And in your opinion that makes it ban worthy? Many of the posters on this site are american, I would think a little cultural sensitivity and awareness should be in order.

    Like the posters above, I think sports of all kinds are dreadfully boring to watch (not just soccer). I can understand the appeal it has to others a little bit... But like Astronuc I would rather go on a bike ride around some canyons. That sounds awesome.
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    It was clearly a joke... Relax. I am not going to ban anybody for saying soccer.
    You shouldn't take everything so seriously :tongue:
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    I would hope not. Especially considering that you made a thread on "Futbol" while the PF rules clearly state that English is the only language to be used. (Don't worry, I wont report it. ;)
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    So we're down to cultural insensitivity for implying "soccer" is a poor term? Jesus christ is everything culturally insensitive nowadays?
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    (Referring to a now-removed comment in an earlier post.)

    When I say "football" here in Oklahoma, no one thinks of this game. We have to specify that we are taking about "soccer". How is that term useless when it is the only unambiguous name for the sport in some places?
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    I don't think many people on this thread grasp the concept of a joke...
  21. Jun 30, 2014 #20
    I got your post. I don't think calling it "useless terminology, period" was a joke, though.

    But, that seems to have been edited out of the post in question.
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    I know micro, so I know he was joking. He teases me about it. I guess you can't make jokes about something as serious as sports. :frown:
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    Well, I mean, it is a useless terminology. There is a perfectly good terminology for it: football. American football isn't even played with the feet. The term makes no sense.

    But of course, I get that soccer is the only way of denoting football in the US and that it is never going to change. I am realistic enough to see that. But I have the right to complain about useless terminology, just as I can complain about stuff like using the word kidnapping when they abduct an adult person.
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    I don't care for sports, but I'm passionate about language :p
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    This could make for an interesting thread, much more interesting than whether soccer is boring and stupid.

    American football,
    Kidnapping an adult,
    Multi-valued function,
    Dirac delta function,
    Metric tensor (in general relativity),
    Cartesian tensor,
    Dwarf planet,


    Red herring.

    And that's what this latest sidetrack of this thread is, a red herring.
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