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Courses World ranking of a university

  1. Dec 5, 2016 #1
    If I graduate from a university that possesses the world ranking of "6977" with a 4 year Software Engineering degree {BSc(Hons),Eng} what kind of acceptance my qualification will have at the international level? Won't I be able to enjoy a good salary? Will my degree get rejected? The degree however is accredited by IET UK. Thank You.

    [I've uploaded the curriculum too.]

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    At the end of the day it doesn't matter where you graduate from if you can show you meet the requirements for the job. Furthermore I know a few guys who didn't go to college but were passionate about their skills, learned on their own and are doing extremely well. Go the best school you can afford and which meets your needs. The rest is up to you. The university's name alone won't make you successful.
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    Thank you. I know that the real talent is the most important thing. But, when it comes to applying jobs, usually those who've graduated from a well recognized university with a good global rank, gets more attention. Am I wrong?... I meant, would I miss opportunities due to the lower ranking of the university?
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    It's all probability. Bigger universities have more resources, connections and generally better staff, however like I said, there are hordes of extremely successful people out there who either went to a "lesser" named school or didn't even go to university. Go to the place you feel the most confident and comfortable in. The rest is up to you in studying and generating ambition.
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    You might want to look up data on where graduates of this program are getting work. If they don't publish statistics on that kind of thing, contact them and ask. If graduates are getting jobs in the field that you would like to work in, then it's a pretty safe bet that similar options will be available to you when you graduate.

    Hiring committees or managers tend to be concerned with:
    1. whether or not the candidate is qualified for the position
    2. what experience the candidate brings in
    3. additional hard skills the candidate brings in
    4. the candidate's soft skills (communication, leadership, initiative, creativity, etc.)
    5. how well the candidate will fit in with the current team
    In my experience, one's academic pedigree is rarely a decisive factor in hiring, except in how it plays into the above points.
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    May be I'm going a bit off the topic. But as you are an adult and an experienced person, I like to have some advice from you. I have two options . One is attending a Local university(globally ranked at 6977). Other is going abroad for higher education, in my case, Japan. The advantage of the local university is that I can afford the entire course fee without doing a part time job. So I can have a lot of time to studies. If I go to Japan, I get the chance to study from highly recognized universities, which are ranked much higher than the local university that I've state about. But then, I can only afford the initial costs. I definitely have to do a part time job, 28 hours a week to pay for the tuition, books, living, and other general needs. (may be I get the chance to work more time on vacations). I'm afraid that I won't find sufficient time for studies, that I won't be able to complete my studies successfully, as I've to work while studying. What kind of advice you can give to me, what's the most convenient thing that you think I should be doing?. Thank you so much!
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