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Wormholes aren't ruled out in the wonderful universe of relativity

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    I'm interested in wormholes but my knowledge of advanced physics and general relativity is lacking. I was wondering, since I read that wormholes aren't ruled out in the wonderful universe of relativity, whether or not it would be possible for a man-made machine to open one?
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    Re: Wormholes

    I have heard that. A wormhole is a "shortcut" through space-time. If the wormhole is traversable (to pass or move over, along, or through), matter can 'travel' from one end to the other by passing through the middle (What your trying to avoid). It is known that (Lorentzian) wormholes are not excluded within the framework of general relativity, but the physical plausibility of these solutions is uncertain. It is also unknown whether a theory of quantum gravity, merging general relativity with quantum mechanics, would still allow them. Most known solutions of general relativity which allow for traversable wormholes require the existence of exotic matter, a theoretical substance which has negative energy density. However, it has not been mathematically proven that this is an absolute requirement for traversable wormholes, nor has it been established that exotic matter cannot exist.

    A wormhole also mean time travel. If you move at-or near the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) through a wormhole, time would speed up for you, and slow down for others. If you and me were at the park and the year is 2008, if suddenly just through a wormhole, and when around the universe in a couple minuets, you may come back to see it was now the year 3008. In your fame of mind, you were only gone for minuets, while for me, I sat a the park for 1000 years waiting for you to return.

    Hope I could help! :rolleyes:
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    Re: Wormholes

    Here's an excerpt from a nice Wormhole FAQ that's relevant to your question:

    The FAQ is taken from The Physics of Stargates: Parallel Universes, Time Travel, and the Enigma of Wormhole Physics by Enrico Rodrigo (2010).

    According to the book, a lot of unsuccessful effort has gone into attempting to prove that wormholes are impossible (by finding a so-called "energy condition" that no matter can violate but whose violation the existence of wormholes requires.) As it stands today, wormholes are still theoretically possible.

    Keep in mind, however, that it is also theoretically possible to reverse the rotation of our galaxy.
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    Re: Wormholes

    Well said. :smile: This would be a good quote to keep around here on PF.
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