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I Definition of a Lorentzian Wormhole

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    I was reading into traversable wormholes when I came across this definition from Matt Visser; 'If aMinkowski spacetimecontains a compact region Ω, and if the topology of Ω is of the form Ω ~ R × Σ, where Σ is a three-manifold of the nontrivial topology, whose boundary has topology of the form ∂Σ ~ S2, and if, furthermore, thehypersurfacesΣ are all spacelike, then the region Ω contains a quasipermanent intrauniverse wormhole'. My knowledge of relativity is extremely minimal as I am currently studying A levels. I was wondering if someone could break this down for me? I have come across a lot of the terminology before and didn't understand it at the time so thought maybe it was finally time to ask.

    Thanks in advance
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    Can you give a reference to the specific article or paper? It would help to have more context.
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    I am guessing the book : Lorentzian wormholes
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