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Worth working on open-source project(s)?

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    Worth working on open-source project(s)???

    I have 2 questions:

    1) I have joined sourceforge etc and don't know how to join any actual ongoing open-source projects. Where do I find such work?

    2) Is it work the experience to work on open source...in other words, will it look good on my resume?

    Thank you going out of their way to help provide clarity.
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    Re: Worth working on open-source project(s)???


    I would say that the worthiness of working on an open source project comes in many ways...sure, it will look good in your resume but also you will be contributing to a worthy cause and give you great personal satisfaction and pride. You will be working with other people, and learning, etc.


    there thousands of open source projects out there...you would need to narrow down the kind of software you want to develop, maybe look into contributing to a piece of software you already like that is at an early stage of development, etc.

    So, first, narrow down the kind of software to want to participate in...developing an IDE? a 3D graphics package? CAD tool? FEA solver? engineering stuff (stress, thermal, electromagnetic)?
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