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Would a guitar tuner work on a human voice ?

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    So I have a program that works for a guitar, and sinewave and a saw tooth wave .
    so If a have person sing a note, it should work for that right ?
    I am not talking about sing a whole song but just a note.
    so like when people sing the scales:
    do ra me fa so la ti do
    is should would for that right ? are there something I do not know ? I do know the human voice is closest to a saw tooth wave.

    also would it work if a person sings a song acapella?
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    I tried it on my KORG tuner and it responded using the do ra me...

    if i wavered my voice a little I was able to get the green light to turn on and the meter to register a guitar string so its picking up some tone from my voice but I couldn't hold it for long. I guess you won';t be seeing me on American Idol, oh well.
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    Why not just try it? There a loads of free tuner apps for your phone or PC. You could practice and do it as a party trick. :D
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    lol I cant sing... There no way I can sing a "C-4" and know it is "C-4". I know a guy that says he can do it, but he is busy with finals and then he is going out of town, so more than lately I will not see him until the school starts up again. I am trying to test my program but I did download a free tuner app and my program seem to work as good as the tuner for a guitar.

    Also, I could not find a video of anyone just singing one note at a time and saying which note they are singing. I have been looking but no luck.
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    I have made my iPhone tuner work by whistling and finding where the OK light comes on. The tuner I use has a graphical (rolling) display to help you zero in. (Guitar Tuna)
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