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B Would it feel like it takes more energy or not?

  1. Jun 13, 2017 #1
    Ive been wondering if you had a very long bench bar with 200 1 lb weights on each side, would it feel heavier than one plate that weighs 200lb on each side thats closer to your hands?scenario 1: oooo----oooo,vs scenario 2:---O---O----. When going down, the bar isnt straight and theres a 1 degree difference, the x-axis goes through the center of your two hands. If the bar is going down around 20cm/s on the left arm and 18cm/s on the right arm, wouldn't it create a small centripetal force?, which would then force you to use a difference muscle group that could make you use more energy that will counter the centripetal force? Would there be any difference in the two scenarios?
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    The oooo case would have more angular momentum - and therefore be harder to handle.
    Depending on how one feels, they could describe that as "feeling heavier".
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