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Homework Help: Would one weigh more on the equator or on the North Pole?

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    Hello, just wondering if you could apply Fg=mg to this. So the gravitational forces on the equator versus on the North Pole would differ and therefore, you would weigh more on the North Pole. According to what I found, the the gravitational acceleration is 9.78 m/s2 at the equator and 9.83 m/s2 at the poles. Does this reasoning make sense?
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    Earth is not a perfect sphere as we all know, Polar points are closer to the core of the Earth than Equator.So you weigh more in the North pole then equator.

    And of course you can use F=m.g to see that, just insert the "g" for poles and equator,
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    Thanks, good to know that I make sense.
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    Not only that, but the Earth is rotating as well, so there is a centrifugal force pulling you up that decreases with higher latitudes.
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