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  1. J

    B The Moon's inclination to Earth's equator

    Is there an on-line calculator or a table that would allow me to plug in a date (year) which would give me the moon's inclination to the plane of the equator on that date? Thanks for any help.
  2. Liam A

    I Can a planet's poles be warm?

    on earth, we have the poles being very cold and mostly frozen, while the equator is very warm and humid. i would like to know specifically what causes this. i know it is partially because of their exposure to the sun, but i'd like to know some of the details and factors involved. i'd also like...
  3. DarkMatter5

    Coriolis Force Across the Equator

    Homework Statement A fast sprinter with a mass of 80 kg runs across the equator. What is the value of the Coriolis force he experiences? Homework Equations F=ma a=2ωVradial ω=7.27 x10-5 rads-1 Earth rotates from west to east. The Attempt at a Solution I pick a direction of travel - South to...
  4. prashant singh

    I Why on Earth's surface, longitudinal or merediance lines are perpendicular to equatorial line?

    I think its a defination to have infinite longitudnal lines , if line are not perpendicular than the infinite point will not add up to give the circumferance of equator, please help
  5. D

    Sagnac effect on equatorial plane?

    If one were to send two light beams around the equator east and west, would the Sagnac effect occur? I know Michelson-Gale-Pearson measured it, but in their experiment the two beams would each travel both directions in separate rectangles, so I wonder if the effect would be weaker/stronger. How...