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Would the Big Rip make time stop?

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    Would an accelerating expansion create any time dilation effects? And once the expansion velocity between any two adjacent points reached c would time stop altogether?
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    Not really. The concept of "time dilation" doesn't really apply if you're looking at the universe as a whole.

    No. The "expansion velocity" here is not a "speed" in the sense of special relativity and doesn't work the same way.
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    If the "Big Rip" scenario were accurate (which is highly unlikely), the most unlikely outcome is that new physics would take over once the energy density of our universe got high enough (certainly by the time the density reached the Planck density, possibly before then). The new physics would almost certainly "regularize" the singularity in some way, making the universe change its behavior to prevent the Big Rip from resulting in infinite energy density. Without knowing what physics is at very high energies, we can't know precisely how the singularity would be avoided.
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