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Would there be any grants available for a CS undergrad?

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    I've been looking on the net and can't seem to find any. Do any of you know about possible grants?
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    What kind of grants? Tuition grants? This should differ greatly by country, state and region. You're asking too general a question.
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    Most universities have some kind of a student awards office. Every student should seek out this office and take the time to read through the awards and scholarships they may qualify for.

    There's a notion that floats around that applying for admission also constitutes applying for ALL available scholarships, which is simply not true. There are many scholarships, which are often school-specific that have been set out as memorial awards, or wealthy alumni contributions, class gifts, corporate awards, etc. Quite often they will be very specific such as "student in second year of a physics program with competative yo-yo experience and demonstrated financial need who writes a 500 words essay on poultry." You need to apply for these awards to qualify and sadly, many of these funds can go unawarded due to a lack of applicants.
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    Go to your financial aid department. I get plenty of grants, and I am a "B student". All I had to do was file for financial aid.
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