What is Grants: Definition and 27 Discussions

Grant are funds given by an entity – frequently, a public body, charitable foundation, or a specialised grant-making institution – to an individual or another entity (usually, a non-profit organisation, sometimes a business or a local government body) for a specific purpose linked to public benefit. Unlike loans, grants are not to be paid back.

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  1. hagopbul

    Asking for advice about filing for a patent on a new device

    Hello All : i uploaded some threads here asking about patent on engine modification , as i looked more in the discoveries , found out that it is already , discovered , but came up with another system to improve the energy efficiency (theoretical , experiment and a make shift prototype ) , now...
  2. hagopbul

    Armenia's Fellowships: Bridging the Gap to Global Excellence

    The nations that prevail in a soaring global economy are those whose R&D, high-tech, and intellectual strength thrive. Unfortunately, Armenia faces an enormous gap between desire and achievement, and the question is what can be done to close it? 🇦🇲 The Gituzh initiative believes that Armenia's...
  3. A

    Grant for Research in Theoretical Physics

    Suppose there is a nonprofit that wants to order a piece of research in theoretical physics. The research is rather small; it consists in considering an issue and writing a 8-10 pages article. The physicist to do the research will be from a high income country; he/she should be an experienced...
  4. Tone L

    Other Small grant to fund undergraduates

    I am working on developing and building an Earth science related instrument, the instrument characterizes aerosols in the atmosphere. The instrument is for my master's thesis, at the Univ. of Maryland. I work full time and I am attending graduate school part-time. My company is funding the...
  5. hagopbul

    About some information on research funding

    Hello all: I need to ask this rocky question, if you want some funding for a research project and you are outside academic sphere currently , how to get it ? Where to apply ? And how to find team member, considering the project is a short one ? What about patents ? Best H
  6. Hypercube

    Other Availability of funding within different areas of physics

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you researchers on PF are willing to provide some insight in regards to how much funding is available to different areas of physics? I'm happy with just qualitative, personal experience-type answers, like which areas you think have the most, which areas have the...
  7. Tone L

    Programs Grants and fellowships, how do they work?

    Good day. I wish to purse an M.S degree in the science field (aerospace, satellite). Do you need to be in a graduate program to get NSF or NASA fellowships/grants? I would hate to go to school and one have to anticipate/pray to get a grant/fellowship. Are most TA positions are usually given to...
  8. Greg Bernhardt

    Energy Department grants $226m to NuScale Power

    Energy Department to Give $226 Million to Support Nuclear Reactor Design http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/13/business/energy-environment/energy-dept-to-give-226-million-to-new-nuclear-reactor-design.html?_r=1&
  9. Pythagorean

    How did you learn to write grants?

    I imagined there would be more hints of that in graduate school (perhaps that's the point of projects). Is that something that you learn in postdoc?
  10. Monique

    Maximizing Originality in Post-PhD Grant Writing: A Scientist's Perspective

    After having finished a PhD it's time to start writing grants to finance further research projects. I wonder what people's opinion is on the following four things: 1) Should one continue their postdoc career under the supervision of their PhD supervisor? I think one should find a new research...
  11. L

    Are there government grants available for on-campus housing for students?

    I was wondering if there was any grant that helped pay for on campus housing. I filed my FAFSA with the intent of living off campus with my friend, but that fell through. So I decided to live on campus, and the rent will be taken out of my FAFSA. But with the current award I got from FAFSA, it...
  12. B

    New Research Grants and Student Essay Competition

    New Frontiers in Astronomy and Cosmology International Grant and Essay Competition Celebrating the Centenary of the Birth of Sir John Templeton Grants to support bold, innovative research by scientists and essay prizes to inspire a new generation of thinkers exploring these four deep and...
  13. P

    Funding programs & grants for independent scientists

    Hello. My question is directed to those of you who actually have some experience in the area or who can provide detailed information rather than general/theoretical guidance. I would like to ask you about funding sources available for an independent scientist on the U.S. or international...
  14. SixNein

    News Should scientific research be solely funded by the private sector?

    According to the hill, tea party members were upset about the spending on pell grants and some view it as welfare. http://thehill.com/homenews/house/174253-house-conservatives-angry-over-pell-grant-funding-in-boehner-debt-bill I'm surprised anyone could get upset about pell grants.
  15. F

    Math Math Grants: What are They Used For?

    I was just wondering, but what are grant supports used for in mathematics? It's not like you need money to study.
  16. Simfish

    News Eric Cantor's YouCut now poised to cut down questionable NSF grants

    Eric Cantor's YouCut now poised to cut down "questionable" NSF grants http://scienceblogs.com/tfk/2010/12/asshat_eric_cantor_readies_tro.php Hmmm... I'm pretty sure that the following comment might temper some initial anger: (if the non-scientifically educated were actually good at...
  17. L

    Get Government Grants: What to Know & How to Apply

    Anyone have any experience with a government grant? I'd like to get one, but I'd like to talk to someone who has gotten one themselves first. How do I get one? Write a letter? Fill out an online form? I've seen some online forms, but I don't trust them. Thanks.
  18. H

    The Wishmaster Grants the Puzzlemaster's Request: An Anagram for "Iowa Hawkeyes

    A Brief Conversation Overheard on a Side Street in Bedlam's Bazaar: Apprentice: My Puzzlemaster needs an anagram for the phrase "Iowa Hawkeyes". Wishmaster: What do you have to barter with for such a noble petition? Apprentice: For your wicked amusement...
  19. P

    Are NFS Grants Affecting University Systems Support Budgets?

    Hey, So I work the systems support for some university departments, and the amount of funding we get from one of the departments is in no way proportional to the amount of support we give them (they easily take up 3/5ths of our time and resources, but give maybe 1/4 of our funds). I've heard...
  20. S

    Pixar grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up'

  21. R

    Anybody here applied for conference travel grants ?

    Got an ok to do a poster presentation at a neuroscience conference in Honk Kong. I am not sure whether my budget can stretch. I heard that grants are available which will cover half these costs. Anybody know anything about these grants, if traveling from Britain ?
  22. Astronuc

    How Can Google's $10 Million Grant Turn Your Idea into Reality?

    Got an idea to help the world? Here's $10 million http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/biztech/09/24/google.project/index.html http://www.project10tothe100.com/index.html There are a lot of smart people at PF. Go for it! :smile:
  23. D

    Would there be any grants available for a CS undergrad?

    I've been looking on the net and can't seem to find any. Do any of you know about possible grants?
  24. marcus

    Bellweather grants from FQXi foundation (straws in the quantum gravity wind)

    This years's grants have been announced. A total of 2.7 million was awarded. FQXi is set up to support investigation of foundational questions. Here is a sampling of the awards, chosen with a hefty componenent of randomness. Gives an idea of some of the kinds of things FQXi supports.Stephon...
  25. G

    Federal grants from the government to start their businesses

    Hello, I am trying to start a business. I found on the internet that men and women can obtain free federal grant money for education, start up businesses and rehabilitate or purchase real estate. I also saw that Ross Perouse, George Bush and Paul Newman received federal grants from the...
  26. EnumaElish

    Anyone have experience with NSF grants?

    Say I wanted to apply for an NSF grant. Is it an arduous process (the application, I know the research will be)? Is it something that I can hope to do on my own, or do I need the services of a professional grants application specialist?
  27. A

    Grants for MSc on plasma physics

    i have pre-master degree in plasma physics my grade on BSC was Excellent i hope anyone help me to get agrant to have my MSc I'm in Egypt graduated from alazhar university please ! how to get these grants thanks for all! :!) :!) :!) :!)