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Would you recommend this math course?

  1. Jul 28, 2015 #1
    I was looking though some math courses to add to my schedule this coming year and came across "logic and foundations". It seems interesting enough to take, but I'm not sure how "applicable" it would be in terms of future math/physics work. The description on the course is:
    Do you guys think this would be a good course to take, or is it sort of outside of what could be more useful?
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    You should give your educational goal and your background before one could assess the value of any course.
  4. Jul 28, 2015 #3
    If you are planning on formal mathematics courses in your future then yes you probably should. Otherwise it is debatable as to the usefulness.
  5. Jul 28, 2015 #4
    Sorry, gleem, ultimately I'm looking into astrophysics. As per the exact area of study, I'm unsure, as I still have a couple years to go. I do have an interest in cosmology though.
  6. Jul 28, 2015 #5
    I don't think that this course would be the best use of your time. I would talk with your adviser or faculty member for a better choice.
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    One thing you might learn from that course is how mathematicians think and talk and reason. Thus it could be useful in understanding and doing better in future math courses and in reading math books.
  8. Jul 28, 2015 #7
    That's why I was curious about taking it. I still have several math courses left to take, as well, my advisor recommended it. However, he recommended it as an option for opening up a math minor, not for the fact that it helps my major.
  9. Jul 28, 2015 #8
    If you are interested in Cosmology you might consider Topology or Differential Geometry if they wre not on your recommended list. The little non technical book "How the Universe Got Its Spots" by Janna Levin might be of interest to you.
  10. Jul 28, 2015 #9
    I'll look into all of those. Thanks a bunch!

    Thank you to everyone else who helped!
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