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Writing shear and moment equations for a simple beam problem?

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    Im trying to generate a simple beam program in mathcad and am having trouble with the integrals. Attached is what I have so far:

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    I note it's been some time since you posted this, but if you're still interested ...

    It's difficult (to impossible!) to diagnose problems from just a picture of a worksheet because there are some display subtleties that can only be seen by clicking on the 'offending' expression. This is a potential case in point. To make the expressions look more like their typographical equivalents, Mathcad has the ability to hide the multiplication operator. However, the down side of this is that the expression can also look like a function call if, as in your case, a scalar multiplies an expression in parentheses.

    What I think is going from your picture, and you can probably see this coming now, is that there isn't a multiply operator between most of your r1,r2,r3 and w and the expressions in parentheses.

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