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XHTML (Flash)

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    I am familiar with the basic concept of XHTML web design. However, I would like to learn how to incorporate basic videos on my webpages. I've designed a http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jmm42/FINAL/main.html" [Broken] that is nothing more than simple text and background images. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to incorporate flash videos into pages such as mine. Is there a good tutorial available online (or perhaps a book), or could someone outline how to code flash? I am aware there is a hierarchy in web design- that my HTML is the backbone that provides the structure, and CSS provides the style of the page. If I wanted to use flash, would I code the structure in the XHTML file, and the style in the CSS?


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    Flash is completely standalone. You use Adobe Flash to create the .swf files and then import them using object tags and the like into you xhtml.

    If you have access to the software, I highly recommend flashkit.com.
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    Is there anyway you could (or anyone else) recommend me to a source (perhaps a book) that will teach me how to embedd flash into XHTML?


    Jeffrey Levesque
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