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You sneaky damn jeweler

  1. Feb 12, 2006 #1
    I'm watching tv and there is a commercial on. "Save 90% on jewlery for valentines day. 2 carat necklace reg price $999" or something like that. then down on the bottom of the screen is the fine print. "regular price may not have resulted in sales"
    They know they are going to sell this stuff on Valentines day so the week before valentines they put a ridiculously high price tag on an item just so they can claim to take off 90%. I'm trying to sell my old dvd player. I was originally asking $19,000 for it, but since I like you I'm going to take off 99% and give it to you for only $190 how could you say no?
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    No, I don't need 1! :zzz:
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    That would be $190 bucks, no wonder you get ripped off so much.
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    I wondered if I would be the only jackass to check to see if he computed that right :smile:
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    HEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA that makes two of us.
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    I usually don't bother to check these things at GD, because the're usually wrong!:biggrin:
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    They do that in every comical
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    "regular price may not have resulted in sales"

    :rofl: :rofl:

    I've never seen that.
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    This is why a smart person would by everything in March, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, etc/
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    they do the same thing in kmart. all their jewelery is on sale all year long for 70% off because thats the normal price
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    Ummm, no, a smart person doesn't fall for all that comercialized holiday crap. :mad:
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    Being intelligent does not negate emotion or, uh...physical needs. Sometimes the commercialized crap is neccessary, in which case a smart person would buy it before all the hype.
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