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Homework Help: Zobel network in parallel with a speaker

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    a zobel network consisting of a capacitor C and resistance Rc is connected in parallel to a speaker of inductance L and resistance Rl.show that frequency at resonance =1/2pi*Sq rt 1/LC(Rlsquare-L/C ÷ Rc square-L/C)

    i have begun by equating the reactive components of the branch currents.
    (but i dont seem to get anywhere to the expression what i want)
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    Is a zobel network a series RC or a parallel RC? Probably a series RC in parallel with the speaker's series RL?
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    it is a RC series connected in parallel with RL.

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    i have drawn the phasor diagram ( which i will upload later).
    from the phasor diagram i can say that
    iLsin thetha=iCsin thetha
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    Hint : Find the complex impedance of the combination. At resonance, the impedance will behave as a pure resistance (the reactive component vanishes).
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    i have derived the desired result. the second part of the problem(see atached)i do not know where to start.

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    attached diagram

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