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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 6,658
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 6,304
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 79,038
why the red sea is called red sea??
Aug6-11 07:22 AM
Jimmy Snyder
8 1,303
Glorious Moment In High School one of the gang I hung out with (two trumpet, two clarinet and one french horn...
Aug6-11 01:20 AM
0 700
So I've been contacted by a Community college I was hoping to get a small job teaching a 6 hour/week course for some...
Aug5-11 11:03 PM
8 1,960
Hello All, Some physicists today call about "mirror matter"( ) On some...
Aug5-11 01:07 PM
6 3,171
Science and Religion have become antonyms. One has been defined 'rationally' and the other 'irrationally'...
Aug5-11 11:31 AM
1 868
Just clarifying that this post may look like a rant on people i've meet, but really i'm looking for advices on how to...
Aug5-11 07:42 AM
6 998
Im reading this book called "The Dark Tourist" by Dom Joly. Its mostly a funny book, but he talks about going to...
Aug5-11 03:40 AM
10 1,102
There are a lot of songs that have such a bad influence on society. Just look at all the songs at the start of 2000...
Aug5-11 03:31 AM
117 7,393
In the tradition of great Democratic Presidents... ha3Pyt4wsGA
Aug5-11 12:54 AM
3 854
I love this site, it has such cute animation and pictures. Click the booty penguins to watch them shake their stuff....
Aug4-11 11:15 PM
7 977
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: From This is very bizarre behavior to be sure......
Aug4-11 11:12 PM
Proton Soup
14 1,722
First off let me say those are NOT my words. I'm debating someone who thinks that the statement in the thread title is...
Aug4-11 07:19 PM
40 6,895
I hate to discourage anyone from doing science ("Stand Back!" indeed), but this goes a bit too far. While I admire...
Aug4-11 03:57 PM
12 2,024
This sounds lovely. ...
Aug4-11 11:48 AM
1 831
I am interested in many things but have little formal education. I would like to converse with other people who have...
Aug4-11 08:49 AM
21 1,173
Yes, that's right. TRAILER: ...
Aug4-11 06:25 AM
20 1,633
Would a vegan ever call their spouse "honey"? Or would they reject to doing so?
Aug3-11 08:10 PM
4 878
Anders (not the monster) became only 18. As he and two friends tried two hide from the shooter they heard, they tried...
Aug3-11 04:16 PM
2 3,227
They went back four times to get more. Some bullets hit the boat. ...
Aug3-11 03:21 AM
13 1,923
Some of you might have seen this. Really cool stuff. qNBTygWcy0s Me want a Guinness too!
Aug3-11 12:05 AM
0 634
As everyone who uses the internet, I too love kittens. Cats though, I am not so fond of, this is partially because...
Aug2-11 11:55 PM
4 778
I thought this could be a good thread to start and couldn't find a better forum to post this to so i guess its going...
Aug2-11 10:58 PM
2 874
Today, a coworker got me. I had left my screen unlocked. He took a screenshot of my desktop, set it as my desktop, and...
Aug2-11 04:35 PM
8 891
This thread is about giving up things against your will. Specifically I’m looking for encouraging, optimistic...
Aug2-11 03:26 PM
31 2,309
So we know that.... Feynman's IQ was 126 (bio) Watson's IQ was 124 (bio) William Shockley's was 129, then 125...
Aug2-11 01:09 PM
110 88,742
I have mixed feeling about this. Little dogs and their owners have been attacked by coyotes while going out for walks,...
Aug2-11 12:13 PM
65 4,270
Ok , so I have to finish a classical electrodynamics book ASAP... I absolutely hate it when I have to study with a...
Aug2-11 10:49 AM
3 957
So I know that "Conciousness as the Fifth Force" gets a lot of hate around here, but hear me out, this is legit. So...
Aug1-11 08:11 PM
19 1,872
I was reading an article today about Wisconsin's tax "Wall of Shame". The article was interestingly enough about two...
Aug1-11 05:57 PM
8 1,541
I don't get it. It looks like checkmate... By the way, I was playing Chess Titans, which comes with MS Windows 7.
Aug1-11 05:07 PM
8 829
Found this "not so little" beast flying round my garden shed today. A lower pitched "buzz" than a typical bee - it...
Aug1-11 04:46 PM
10 1,364
What are some important theories in physics that are expected to be discovered within our generation?
Aug1-11 02:54 PM
11 1,433
This was mentioned in a recent thread here, and I happened to notice a great deal of it at my school. I took a...
Aug1-11 02:54 PM
18 4,268
Do girls like men with beards?
Aug1-11 02:36 PM
131 9,713
Hello all! I propose to discuss the Carl Jung’s synchronicity problem in context of such phenomenon as ‘quantum...
Aug1-11 11:30 AM
5 5,554
You've all seen the many YouTube videos claiming to be of some type of alien craft. The video editing techniques used...
Aug1-11 08:26 AM
1 3,187
How far-fetched does the idea sound? Cars that would utilise the power provided by Rossi's cold Fusion reactors....
Aug1-11 05:59 AM
1 3,017
This thread is motivated by this thread: We have a lot of...
Jul31-11 10:36 AM
57 5,354
I wasnt too sure where to post this but I settled on quantum physics. I was wondering what the smallest particle or...
Jul31-11 09:38 AM
19 6,112
I'm wondering if this is a joke. It's sounds too bizarre to be true. Anyone know if this is a spoof? Read...
Jul31-11 12:51 AM
13 2,286

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